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A juvenile in Texas is defined as a person who is younger than 18 years but older than 10. If your child has been charged with a crime, the choice you make in legal representation can easily affect your entire family. Buzzard Law can prevent your family from suffering any unnecessary consequences of your child's unfortunate situation.

Depending on the type of juvenile offense, your child may face the same type of consequences as an adult who has committed the same crime. For example, juveniles found guilty of certain sexual offenses are legally required to register with law enforcement in the area where they reside. Information in the sex offender database is open to the public and is available on the Internet.

Buzzard Law Firm is well aware of the court's capacity to try children as adults. Buzzard Law will do everything he can to make sure your child avoids this devastating possibility. If a court certifies a child to stand trial as an adult, the only difference from adult punishment is that a juvenile cannot receive the death penalty for an offense committed before turning 17 years of age. A child who was 14 at the time of commission of the offense may be tried as an adult for the following serious offenses: capital felonies, aggravated controlled substance felonies, or first degree felonies. For all other felonies, the child must have been age 15 at the time of the commission of the offense to be tried as an adult.

In most legal scenarios, a young person or juvenile who breaks the law will be considered as a delinquent, rather than a criminal. This is because the juvenile justice system's primary goal is to reform and rehabilitate juveniles and prevent them from becoming repeat offenders. Yet, even small infractions on your child's criminal record may affect his or her future by preventing acceptance to a university or limiting the opportunities offered by potential employers.

Buzzard Law understands the fears parents face when their children are accused of juvenile crimes. When other parents are left with more questions than answers, Buzzard Law Firm offers its clients solutions and strategies for effectively defending children in juvenile court.

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