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Texas Panhandle Drowing Accidents

Personal Injury Lawyers in Pampa & Amarillo, Texas

Drown victims are often the unfortunate recipients of negligent or reckless behaviors which resulted in a case of wrongful death, or in some cases serious personal injury. While some people initially escape fatality in an incident of drowning, the brain and lung damages incurred from inhaling so much water can lead to secondary complications that are severe enough to cause fatality in the end.

Common Causes of Drowning in the Texas Panhandle

Many incidents of drowning are the result of negligent behaviors on behalf of the pool owner, lifeguard, etc. When pools are open and easily accessible to young children who many not yet know how to swim, or when a lifeguard fails to maintain their duties unsuspecting persons can quickly become victims. In most of these cases, the tragedy would not have occurred had the pool been gated or had the lifeguard been on duty to revive the asphyxiated individual. These are situations that could have been prevented and deserve to be represented by a dedicated and effective attorney from the firm.

Drowning incidents make up 7% of all unintentional injury deaths around the world, according to the World Health Organization. Furthermore, they are said to be the third leading cause of such deaths. Children under the age of 12 are among the most at-risk group of individuals in drowning catastrophes, making it that much more important to ensure that pools and other large bodies of water are well guarded.

Fighting for Justice

Boating accidents, lake accidents and more can all lead to injury death through drowning. If you or someone you love has suffered this type of harm then you owe it to yourself and to the victim to seek justice by hiring an injury lawyer in Pampa to defend your case legally. There are many actions that can be taken to ensure that the responsible party is held liable for any drowning incident that occurs. With over 60 years of legal experience, we know just what angles and tactics to use in order to best represent the cases of personal drowning incidents. The weeks, months and even years following the loss of a loved one will not be the same as before, but the time can at least be eased by knowing that legal action has been taken on behalf of the wrongful doings that led to the drowning injury or death. Call us at (806) 665-7282.

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