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Refinery Accidents in the Texas

Texas Panhandle and West Texas Refinery Accident Claims

If you or a loved one has been injured in an oil refinery accident in the Texas Panhandle, it is vital that you retain the representation of a skilled attorney from our team to protect your rights as soon as possible. If you were hurt due to negligence, it is likely that you may be entitled to financial compensation to help recover the cost of damages, losses and expenses.

At Buzzard Law Firm, PC we have protected the rights of accident victims for over 60 years. We have extensive knowledge of all federal and state regulations that pertain to refinery storage and manufacturing and can provide the experience needed to attain the most desirable outcome for your case. Based on your individual circumstances, we will put together a case that will help you seek maximum financial compensation for your injuries and losses.

Common Types of Refinery Accidents

Due to the dangers involved in working at an oil refinery, there are many safety procedures that must be followed. Even if you are highly experienced in your position, and follow all of the rules, sometimes accidents are unavoidable, especially if they are caused by less experienced co-workers, faulty equipment or poor working conditions. Besides explosions and fires, here are some of the common causes of accidents at oil refineries:

  • Chemical spills and releases
  • Serious slip and fall injuries
  • Faulty fall restraint equipment
  • Toxic substances, either coming into contact with or breathing them

Legal Help for Victims in Northwest Texas and Surrounding Pampa and Amarillo area

The best possible outcome in a case like this is more attainable when you are made aware of your rights and the most appropriate way to proceed. When you have solid legal representation on your side, you have the assurance that your best interests will always be kept at the forefront. Without legal support you risk losing certain types of compensation if the workers' comp adjustors and refinery company attorneys decide your fate. Knowing how to move forward, and being fully informed of your options, is critical in such cases. Our legal team has the qualifications and proven history required in such cases. Contact a Texas Panhandle refinery accident lawyer from our firm to discuss your options to pursue fair compensation.

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