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Texas Panhandle Slip & Fall Lawyers

Amarillo Area and Pampa Slip & Fall Attorneys

It can be so startling to suddenly find your foot is going out from under you. These slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, in a store, on a stairway, an escalator, or at your neighbor's home. This kind of accident is very similar to the trip and fall where your foot catches on something and down you go. Texas premises liability law permits compensation for injuries sustained due to a hazardous condition on another's property. This holds true whether on public property or private.

A knowledgeable attorney from our team can inform you of your rights and if you can recover compensation for your injuries.

The Impact of Serious Falls

While most slip and falls merely cause the person to feel "shaken up" for a very short time, these accidents can cause very serious injuries. Serious brain injuries are frequently the serious result of a dangerous slip and fall accident. Sometimes an injury is not immediately apparent; the aches and pains or other symptoms can appear hours or days later. Even if the fall seems minor it is very important to be examined by a competent medical doctor as soon as possible as neck and back injuries and even fractures may have occurred without any immediate obvious signs.

This is especially important in the case of older individuals whose bone can be more fragile and with pregnant women. After your medical exam the next step is to discuss the accident with an experience slip and fall lawyer at our firm. Failure on the part of a property owner or manager to keep the premises reasonably safe or to provide adequate warning of a hazard is grounds for a claim for damages.

Our legal team is fully prepared to take action when a client has been injured due to obstacles on floors, or slippery floors, dangerous stairs and railings, poor lighting and cracks in streets and sidewalks. Call Buzzard Law for a consultation with a Texas Panhandle personal injury lawyer.

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