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Types of Injuries

Texas Panhandle - Amarillo and Pampa Personal Injury Lawyers

There are numerous different types of injuries that a person may sustain in an accident or as the result of another's negligence, leading to a personal injury claim against the responsible party. Our law firm represents clients throughout Houston who are dealing with any type of injury and can offer helpful guidance and information in regard to the following and more:

Birth Injuries
Doctors and nurses are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of birthing mothers and their infants. When negligent or risky behaviors are taken on behalf of delivery room staff, injury and death can result.

Brain Injuries
Traumatic brain injuries can drastically change a person's life as well as the lives of their families. Some of the causes of these injuries are inhalation of toxins, bacterial infection, oxygen deprivation, blows to the head, and the brain hitting the interior wall of the brain.

Burn Injuries
Burn injuries can be caused by carelessness and negligence on the part of property owners, manufacturers,defective products, and inadequate safety equipment. Serious burns can leave permanent disabilities and medical treatment procedures can be expensive and lengthy.

Catastrophic Injuries
Brain injury, amputation, blindness, paralysis, spinal cord injury, deafness, severe fractures and breaks, and wrongful death are all examples of catastrophic injuries. Treatment and recovery costs are multiplied in catastrophic injury cases, so victims need to seek legal representation so that they are properly reimbursed for their suffering.

Nursing Home Negligence
Nursing home care is helpful when family does not have the specialized resources and facilities to take care of their elderly loved ones. However, there are too many cases of negligence and abuse when it comes to nursing homes. There are several key warning signs to be aware of when you suspect abuse.

Wrongful Death
If you have lost a loved one in an accident, you need a personal injury lawyer to help you through this difficult time. Whether it was a result of a drunk driving accident, or a defective product, or workplace negligence, our firm will fight to get you the justice you deserve.

Powerful Representation for Victims

With a skilledTexas Panhandleinjury lawyer by your side, you have the opportunity to hold the negligent party fully accountable for all physical and emotional injuries you have experienced. Do not let this opportunity pass you by - the sooner you act, the greater the chances of securing a complete financial compensation that will help you rebuild and move on with your life when you need it most.

For nearly thirty years, our law firm has been representing victims and families of victims who have sustained various types of serious and lasting injuries. We know what it takes to present a compelling case that proves the other party's negligence and the true extent of our client's injuries. We handle personal injury claims and lawsuits that involve premises liability claims, product liability, auto accidents and many more.

Make sure you call our offices at your earliest convenience to schedule a free, confidential case review with an injury attorney who understands the ins and outs of these cases. The future may seem bleak if you or someone you love has been seriously injured, but all is not lost.

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