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Seeking Compensation for Workplace Accidents

Texas Panhandle - Amarillo and Pampa Area Injury Lawyers

Injuries which occur on the job disrupt your life and very often leave you with more concerns. In addition to your pain you might be anxious about how serious the injury is and how long your recovery will take, the medical expenses, your living expenses and any permanent disability. Whether your employer subscribes to workers' compensation insurance or is a non-subscriber you should consult a Texas Panhandle, Amarillo Area and Pampa Injury Attorney. Victims of workplace accidents have a right to compensation while recovering physically and emotionally from their injuries.

What Should I Do After Being Injured on the Job?

Texas law concerning workplace or on-the-job injuries are complex. After an injury your employer might be making the situation more confusing by not cooperating, telling you there is no coverage, or involving you in endless accident interviews and forms to fill out. There is a simple three step system to follow after a work accident. Get medical care, report the accident to your employer and speak with a Texas Panhandle workplace accident lawyer. The knowledgeable legal team at our firm can answer your questions and help you understand your options. We represent clients injured in a variety of work situations including oilfield accidents and wrongful death claims.

Choose Powerful Representation

If you are receiving less compensation than you should from the workers' comp insurance company our team is prepared to help an injured client obtain full compensation and benefits owed. Additional compensation may be available if a work injury occurs because of an equipment malfunction or outside of your employer's premises. This type of situation could result in compensation from a liable third party. A personal injury lawyer with the firm is skilled in uncovering other responsible entities. Take action. Talk with a Texas Panhandle and Pampa personal injury lawyer at Buzzard Law Firm, PC about your accident. Find out how we can help - call (806) 665-7282 today.

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