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Understanding Wrongful Death Claims

Texas Panhandle, Amarillo, and Pampa Wrongful Death Lawyers

There is nothing more devastating than the loss of a loved one. Sudden and unexpected loss can be made more tragic when it is the result of an accident that need not have happened. When death occurs because someone else was reckless or didn't follow correct procedures, it can leave a family with many unanswered questions about their options to pursue justice on behalf of their beloved relative. In addition to seeking compensation for the surviving family members, a dedicated attorney can fight to hold the responsible parties accountable for their senseless actions through a wrongful death claim.

What Leads to Fatal Accidents?

Death can result when drunk driving accidents or in equipment malfunctions due to a defective product. We handle a wide range of wrongful death claims from Oilfield accidents to dangerous drugs and nursing home negligence. Facing the future after such a loss is never easy, especially if when victim is a primary income source for the family unit. The realities of financial stress sets in leaving the family no opportunity to recover. With the additional burden of final expenses and possibly enormous medical expenses on top of the loss of companionship there can be a loss of financial security. A skilled wrongful death lawyer with our firm may be able to help.

Choose Effective Representation for Your Texas Panhandle Case

Our legal team has the resources to investigate the circumstances of an accident. It may be that there was more than one causative factor in an accident. In which case it is important to locate and identify all liable parties before initiating a claim. Since the statute of limitations only allows a certain amount of time in which to file a claim fast action is vital before it has expired. Call Buzzard Law at (806) 665-7282 for a consultation with a knowledgeable and proven lawyer.

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