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Charged with a crime in Pampa or the Texas Panhandle?

If you are facing criminal charges, you are likely concerned about what your future will include; will you go to jail or prison or be placed on probation? Will you lose a professional license or be unable to travel in the performance of your occupation? Will this end quickly or drag on for years and years? Will anyone listen to what you want to happen? Does anyone care? In criminal cases in the Pampa area, there is nothing more important than enlisting the services of an experienced Pampa criminal defense lawyer to fight for you and your future.

Need a Lawyer for a criminal case in Pampa? Buzzard Law Firm has been defending individuals facing serious criminal charges for over 60 years. Buzzard Law Firm is committed to protecting our clients' interests and preserving our clients' freedom.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Pampa, Texas

At the Buzzard Law Firm, the clients' wishes come first. We are focused on pursuing the result that our clients want. Representing the accused is a collaborative process. The client's needs and goals are the cornerstone of a successful outcome. In any representation I find out what is important to the client, in order to determine how to approach the case. You can't have a strategy if you don't have a goal. Not all cases and clients are alike and we believe attorneys have to listen to their client to know what to say on their behalf.

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In order to provide clients with the ability to make informed decisions about their case and achieve their goals, we conduct a full analysis of all the evidence and the law and advise my clients based upon our years of training and experience defending the accused. Our review and evaluation often lead to identifying mistakes, weaknesses, and rights violations that can lead to a dismissal, acquittal, reduction in charges, or a plea agreement more favorable to the accused. While this may be an ongoing process, it is important that your defense begin as soon as possible. Early in a case, there are opportunities to take actions to protect your rights and identify and preserve favorable evidence that might otherwise be lost or overlooked. Whereas some attorneys may prefer to advise their clients to plead guilty or enter into a plea bargain when the client would rather fight, we are willing and able to go to trial. There are many cases that at first glance seem hopeless that result in an acquittal at trial, a dismissal, or acceptable plea offer on the day of trial or sooner once the government knows the accused is serious about their case and competently represented.

Our firm can provide the legal representation that you need in most types of criminal cases, including but not limited to DWI, including defending people in the Pampa area, and surrounding Texas Panhandle, that have been convicted of multiple DWI offenses. We manage the case throughout the DWI process, and are committed to helping you fight any and all DWI penalties, including driver's license suspension.

We take special concern in defending those accused of underage DWI, or felony DWI and are familiar with challenging both breath & blood tests in court.

If you were charged based upon the administration of field sobriety tests, these are frequently incorrectly administered and unfairly interpreted. Challenges to these tests are often the centerpiece of attacking the basis of the probable cause for a DWI arrest in driver's license hearings and the criminal trial.

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