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Texas Panhandle Oilfield Injuries

Amarillo & Pampa, Texas Personal Injury Lawyers for Oilfield Injuries

Oilfield Injury Attorneys

The Texas Panhandle and West Texas is in the middle of an oil boom. While there is more than enough work to be done, it is dangerous work. Every possible protection must be in place to protect workers from personal injury and wrongful death.

Still, this is not enough. Oil workers can still suffer serious and fatal injuries on the job site. Many of these come from heavy equipment failures. Others result from lack of training, from failure to use proper safeguards or from errors in the drilling process.

While the injuries vary, many can be catastrophic — especially when you are dealing with pipes and industrial equipment that weighs thousands of pounds. This is especially true when workers are forced to work long periods of time without adequate rest and to take chances with their safety just to work a bit faster.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the fatality rate for oil and gas workers in the U.S. was about seven times the average for all occupations. Working in the oil and gas drilling industry can be one of the most dangerous jobs there is.

At the Buzzard Law Firm in Pampa, Texas, we believe that shortcuts are no way to operate a drilling operation. Workers deserve a safe work environment. So, in oilfield accident cases, we maximize compensation for our clients.

Types of Accidents Frequently Occurring in the Oil Field

Oil field accidents are often catastrophic and include:

    • Well blowouts
    • Fires
    • Rig collapses
    • Compressor station and well drilling injuries
    • Equipment failures
    • Frac tank accidents
    • Chemical spills
    • Explosions
    • Electrocutions

    Factors contributing to Oil Field Accidents

    Many factors contribute to the dangers of working in the oilfields including:

    • Unsafe working conditions - Oilfield workers must contend with heavy, moving machinery, pipes, and chains, work on elevated platforms on the rig, and deal with hazardous weather conditions. They are often forced to work for long periods of time without adequate rest, and forced to ignore established safety standards in order to keep the drilling rig operating at a fast and high profit rate.
    • Untrained subcontractors and worker inexperience - According to OSHA's Industry Profile statistics, the majority of people hurt at oil and gas well drilling sites have been on the job less than 11 months.
    • Poor safety standards -Requirements for reporting injuries are vague and subject to interpretation by operators and leaseholders. The government requires the reporting of serious injuries, but the term "serious" was never defined. The increased use of subcontractors has created uncertainty over legitimate authority and decision-making, and confusion over safety procedures. Government agencies responsible for enforcing the rules rarely dole out tough penalties.
    • Equipment failures - Oil field equipment failures occur because of metal fatigue improper use, inadequate maintenance, overstress, corrosion, welding failures, and manufacturing and design defects.

    Non-Subscriber Cases

    A Texas employer who does not carry workers’ compensation insurance is called a “non-subscriber”. If injured in Texas while working for a non-subscriber, an injured employee is allowed to bring a negligence claim against his employer. At the Buzzard Law Firm we are Non-Subscriber injury attorneys with a long history of success in representing Texas workers in Non-Subscriber injury and death cases. Learn More...

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